The Archivettes

“Our history was disappearing as quickly as we were making it.” With that realization, Deborah Edel and Joan Nestle co-founded the Lesbian Herstory Archives, the world’s largest collection of materials by and about lesbians.

Candy's Crush

In this funny, bittersweet romantic comedy from Sweden, perpetual list-maker Anton falls in love with David, but things start to go awry when Anton realizes that his dreams in life might be in direct opposition to David’s.

Chair Amour

A child who is building his own identity is confronted with the religious fanaticism of his father. This is going to mark him for life in his relationships with others.


A young boy thinks his new goldfish is gay, much to the horror of his conservative father.

Hiding in Daylight

After a gay purge, four best friends are surviving by living in fake marriages to each other, secretly meeting once a week to see their true spouse.

Infinite While It Lasts

After falling in love at a party, Danny and Seiji just want to be together. However, their differences might prove stronger than their feelings.


Just your typical, mediocre, beige, room temperature sex. John and Eric put the "lust" back in "lackluster."

My Grandson, Charlotte

A transgender teen and his immigrant granddad; a Sapeur from the Congo, bond over their shared understanding of the importance of identity and of always being true to one's self.

No Fems

Within the gay community there is a huge divide between masculine and feminine men. A lot of these problems root from social media where masculine men will post captions like "masc 4 masc" and "no fems" on their social media pages.

Reshaping Beauty: Round In All The Right Places

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How would our perceptions of beauty change if we dared to idealize other types of beauty?

Sammy The Salmon

Unable to pluck up the courage to tell his girlfriend he’s gay, Spencer comes across Sammy - a talking salmon who offers to get his love-life back on track.

Scary Lucy

After seeing a hideous statue dedicated to her comedic idol, Lucille Ball, a risk averse comedienne battling a recent breast cancer diagnosis makes it her mission to destroy Scary Lucy.

The Second Life of Jamie P

What happens when a 63 year old man, "like a bolt of lightning," realizes she's a woman?


Sparrow is the lyrical story of a small boy who believes he can fly. In unravelling the truth behind what happened to his grandfather, the boy discovers the strength to stand up to the bullies in his world, in an unexpected way.

Steam Room Stories: THE MOVIE

Failing cosmetics mogul Sally Fay (Traci Lords) will stop at nothing to possess the waters of the Steam Room to help lift her sagging empire.

Turn It Around

At a house party fifteen year old Bram is surrounded by friends and draws the attention of many pretty girls. But he has fallen hopelessly in love with the pretty boy on the dance floor.