Our Phenomenal Beginnings

Sara Latshaw

Sara Latshaw

Stamped Film Fest creator and former Board President 2012-2015

Sara Latshaw organized the Pensacola LGBT Film Fest in 2012 as a way to bring together the local community to promote and celebrate LGBT equality. While other communities were being ripped apart in the fight for equality, Sara and a dedicated group of advocates and educators banded together to find a way to unite the community while tackling local and national concerns like same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption, homophobia in employment, and other discriminatory practices. In 2013 she was promoted to Director of Northwest Florida ACLU and saw the need to do even more in Pensacola to create an inclusive society. Harnessing the energy and volunteers from the first year’s festival, Sara helped introduce and successfully lobbied for the passage of the City of Pensacola’s Domestic Partnership Registry Ordinance. As a result, we have seen a noticeable increase in acceptance and inclusivity of the LGBT community in the Pensacola area. An additional effect of her and her team’s hard work has been watching the growth of a successful film fest that draws more and more attendees every year. Last year we launched an effective branding of the festival and even chose a bold new name: Stamped. We also put in place a board of directors whom she’s confident will continue to make this festival leave its stamp on Pensacola- and we hope beyond. Fighting tirelessly for people’s rights on behalf of the ACLU of Florida is a full time job, but Sara will remain an active presence with the film fest- not to mention our honorary queen. As we enter our fifth year of film festing, we will miss her sitting at the head of our board room table, but know she will always have our backs. We love you more than awesome rainbow movies and our sunglasses at night, Latshaw. Thank you from the bottom of our Stamped hearts. We promise to do you proud.

Our Current Board

David Newton, President

David Newton


Hi! I’m C. David, a Pensacola native and second year Stamped board member. Pensacola offers so many arts opportunities of which I have been privileged to be a part, including prior PLT productions, Symphony and Opera promotions, and education. As an arts enthusiast, I am very interested and invested in the arts’ role in improving the physical and psychological well-being of a community. I believe the arts provide a catalyst for the creation of social capital and the attainment of important community goals–maybe that explains my role as Chair of the Experience Committee. Stamped’s mission seeks to inform and educate locals on matters important to our LGBT citizens. I believe a community that embraces the arts and treats its citizens equally and with mutual respect is one that is healthy and flourishing. I want Pensacola to be that kind of community! I am thrilled to be serving on the Stamped board as we celebrate our 5th year (YEAH!) and am very excited to help bring LGBT films of substance, value, artistry, and humor to Pensacola and the Greater Gulf Coast. Come on out and share in the Stamped Film Fest experience!

Chair of Experience; Outreach; Finance.

Robert Yates, Board Member

Robert Yates

Vice President

I grew up in Southern California with a love for music and movies. After finishing college in Tennessee I made my way back to the ocean to sample the gulf coast life in Pensacola. I was pleasantly surprised there was such a large contingent of LGBTQ people in this community and it’s been amazing to watch it continue to grow. Over the years our little back water town has turned into a really cool beach city and it’s been inspiring to see our community gaining acceptance. I’ve attended the film festival and been a strong supporter from its start. I started serving on the board in 2015 and it has been great to be a part of something bigger that gives back to our community and city a sense of inclusion, diversity, and hope for a future where we realize we are all more alike than different and learn to embrace it.

Chair of Fundraising, Outreach, Finance.

Scott Harding, Treasurer

Scott Harding


I originated in Memphis, TN and graduated from Memphis State (which has since changed their name- go figure!). Married once upon a time, corrected that error but have a gorgeous daughter! Moved to Pensacola in 1990 and have been a local ever since. Two wonderful partners, two dogs, two cats, two chickens, and two extraordinary exchange students who are family for life. Have been a supporter of the Film Festival since year one and am proud to represent the board for a second year. Never give up. Never surrender. Live long and prosper. Be good to each other.

Finance, Chair; Submissions.

Jess O'Leary, Board Member

Jess O’Leary

Submissions Committee Chair

A Florida native and a graduate of University of West Florida, I have been volunteering with the festival since 2012, and over the years I’ve volunteered at other events put on by the local ACLU as well. Really, I’m just a cat person who likes to watch movies and advocate for change. If you’ve been to the festival before, there’s a good chance you’ve seen me working at the merchandise table.

Submissions, Chair, Experience.

Forrest Dixon, Board Member

Forrest Dixon

Outreach Committee Chair

Born and raised in Clearwater, I moved to Pensacola for college and later decided to become a resident of Pensacola. I have enjoyed living in the small, diverse, and ever-changing city that is Pensacola. I love working alongside an organization that spreads awareness both in and outside the LGBT+ communities. This is my fourth year attending the festival, and the second year working with the board.

Outreach, Chair; Submissions.

Emily Williams, Board Member

Emily Williams

Volunteer Committee Chair

I was raised in a small town called Umatilla, FL near Orlando. I moved to Pensacola in 2011 and became a UWF graduate in 2013 with a Gender Studies degree. I am passionate about advocating for the LGBT community and am myself a queer and genderqueer individual. I have been a part of the film fest since the very beginning and took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator last year. I am very happy to continue this important work on a board of wonderful, driven people, as well as in any way possible in the future. Namaste; I honor the spirit in you that is also in me.

Volunteers, Chair; Outreach; Experience.

Thomas Anton, Board Member

Thomas Anton

Board Member

I was raised in North Carolina, and went to college at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta before moving down to Pensacola for work in 2010. Since living here I have met many wonderful people, many of whom have inspired me to be more active in the community. I have been attending the festival since its inception, and in 2015 I joined the board and served on the Submissions Committee. I’m proud to be apart of the Festival which serves to enrich the local community.

Submissions, Audio Visual.

Ashley Rupp, Board Member

Ashley Rupp-Khemraj

Board Member

I’m a born and raised Breezer-turned-Pensacolian who finds the silver lining in any situation and enjoys starting conversations with total strangers. This is my third year working with a team dedicated to spreading a message of acceptance and inclusivity in our community. I love hearing stories of how our event made an impact on someone’s life, made them feel they’re a part of something bigger- and I love watching us outgrow venues year after year. We’re always looking for people who not only share our visions, but also want to get involved. We welcome you to put YOUR stamp on Stamped by joining our efforts as a volunteer, member, or sponsor.


Michele Fiona DivaShell, Board Member

Michele Fiona DivaShell

Board Member

Michele is a certified High School Drama/English teacher and a veteran of Pensacola Little Theatre who has performed in several productions at Stage Crafters Community Theatre in Fort Walton Beach, as well as a handful of shows at Pensacola State College and Panhandle Community Theatre. Favorite roles include her most recent stint as Elaine in SOULMATE CENTRAL at the Milton Imogene Theatre, as Jacqueline in DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER, as Dolly Parton in 9 TO 5 the Musical, as Maggie the Cat in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, and whatever her current role is!
She has sung in bands and choirs her entire life and is a proud member of Coastal Cabaret Ensemble. She is an avid film lover and amateur critic, and is excited to be a part of the STAMPED Film Fest board, after having served as a volunteer at times!


Yazmin Brammer, Board Member

Yazmin Brammer

Board Member

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Yazmin has lived in Pensacola for 15 years after coming to the US at age 12. She has been a small business owner for a number of years and has also spent the past 5 years as a PTA volunteer and Board Member serving as President and Vice president roles in charge of budgets, programs, fundraising and volunteer coordinator.
Yazmin has been married to her best friend Eric going on 18 years and have 2 kids, Isabella age 14 and Gibson age 9. Since moving back 3 years ago from Ft. Lauderdale, Yazmin has embraced the progressive culture in Pensacola and can usually be seen downtown or at the beach, supporting our local community.


Terry Strickland, Board Member

Terry Strickland

Board Member

Terry Strickland is founder and chief strategist at Neon Tangerine, a purpose-driven virtual agency building brands, campaigns and experiences for clients in food, tech and social good. He is passionate about civil liberties, sustainability and food systems reform and has been published in the Washington Post, USA Today, Entrepreneur and a host of other publications. In his spare time, T.S. likes to swim, hike and write poetry. He served previously on the board of Manna.

Especially in the times in which we live, I think art plays a critical role in surfacing and elevating the voices and perspectives of marginalized groups and promoting empathy, tolerance and compassion.

Outreach, Experience

Craig Weber, Board Member

Craig Weber

Board Member

Craig, a native Floridian, is returning after 9 years from NYC life and is excited to make his home in Pensacola. He has taken on yet another exciting venture within his burgeoning real estate career into vacation rental management. His community minded investments include arts and education and recent involvement with the Big Brothers/Big Sister program.

With numerous years experience in hospitality operations and management and as a recent resident of Pensacola, Craig is excited to bring fresh ideas and perspective to the STAMPED Film Festival. As a part of the STAMPED Film Festival Board, Craig brings his cumulative vocational and personal passions would be helpful to expanding the reach of the festival and fulfilling its mission.


Jerry Bustamante, Board Member

Jerry Bustamante

Board Member

I’m a pansexual cis male who’s been active in working with the LGBTQ+ community in Pensacola, FL. I’ve been helping out with the film fest since the very first one in 2012. I was part of the GSA that assisted Sara Latshaw in starting and organizing it and The LGBTQ community is a large part of who I am and I wanna continue working on this wonderful project in order to continue bringing light to the different types of lives we all lead through the film media.

Outreach, Experience