Our Phenomenal Beginnings

Sara Latshaw

Sara Latshaw

Stamped Film Fest creator and former Board President 2012-2015

Sara Latshaw organized the Pensacola LGBTQ Film Fest in 2012 as a way to bring together the local community to promote and celebrate LGBTQ equality. While other communities were being ripped apart in the fight for equality, Sara and a dedicated group of advocates and educators banded together to find a way to unite the community while tackling local and national concerns like same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption, homophobia in employment, and other discriminatory practices. In 2013 she was promoted to Director of Northwest Florida ACLU and saw the need to do even more in Pensacola to create an inclusive society. Harnessing the energy and volunteers from the first year’s festival, Sara helped introduce and successfully lobbied for the passage of the City of Pensacola’s Domestic Partnership Registry Ordinance. As a result, we have seen a noticeable increase in acceptance and inclusivity of the LGBTQ community in the Pensacola area. An additional effect of her and her team’s hard work has been watching the growth of a successful film fest that draws more and more attendees every year. Last year we launched an effective branding of the festival and even chose a bold new name: Stamped. We also put in place a board of directors whom she’s confident will continue to make this festival leave its stamp on Pensacola- and we hope beyond. Fighting tirelessly for people’s rights on behalf of the ACLU of Florida is a full time job, but Sara will remain an active presence with the film fest- not to mention our honorary queen. As we enter our fifth year of film festing, we will miss her sitting at the head of our board room table, but know she will always have our backs. We love you more than awesome rainbow movies and our sunglasses at night, Latshaw. Thank you from the bottom of our Stamped hearts. We promise to do you proud.

Our Current Board

David Newton, President

David Newton


Hi! I’m C. David, a Pensacola native and second year Stamped board member. Pensacola offers so many arts opportunities of which I have been privileged to be a part, including prior PLT productions, Symphony and Opera promotions, and education. As an arts enthusiast, I am very interested and invested in the arts’ role in improving the physical and psychological well-being of a community. I believe the arts provide a catalyst for the creation of social capital and the attainment of important community goals–maybe that explains my role as Chair of the Experience Committee. Stamped’s mission seeks to inform and educate locals on matters important to our LGBTQ citizens. I believe a community that embraces the arts and treats its citizens equally and with mutual respect is one that is healthy and flourishing. I want Pensacola to be that kind of community! I am thrilled to be serving on the Stamped board as we celebrate our 5th year (YEAH!) and am very excited to help bring LGBTQ films of substance, value, artistry, and humor to Pensacola and the Greater Gulf Coast. Come on out and share in the Stamped Film Fest experience!